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Understanding Money
Habits & Safety
Earning & Spending
Activity Sheets & Games
Saving & Budgeting
Stories & Skits
Investing & Compounding


What is Money
Comparing Money
History of Money
Flow of Money
Spending Consciously
Good Habits

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Is your child ready to handle money?

In a quickly changing world, financial pitfalls are everywhere. Without early education, your child could be unprepared and vulnerable.

Empower your child with financial confidence. Our engaging course is their financial blueprint. Your child's path to financial savvy starts here.

14 Video Lessons

10-20 mins video lessons

200+ Activity Sheets

Every lesson comes with activity sheets (PDF)

300+ Money Games

Learn easily through fun digital games

Foundational Understanding

Your child will learn

Meaning & History

What is money and how it evolved.

Earning & Spending

Ways to make money. Needs vs Wants.

Saving & Investing

Why it's important and ways to do it.

Budget & Banking

What are budgets and bank accounts.

Safety & Habits

Steps to be financially safe

About the Course

This recorded course takes a unique and engaging approach to help your child learn the basics of money which forms the foundation for their financial journey. The course consists of 14 video lessons, over 200 activity sheets, and 300+ digital games!

Designed for 6-10 yrs Kids.

There are over 4 hours of video content. We suggest you do only 1 video lesson max per day so that your child can learn effectively. They can then do the activity sheets and play the games related to each lesson on a different day. This course will take your child one month to complete if paced correctly.

Here's a quick list of the topics that are covered in the course -

✅ What is Money?    
✅ Comparing Money
✅ History of Money  
✅ Earning                    
✅ Spending                
✅ Saving                      
✅ Investing                
✅ Budget                    
✅ Banks                      
✅ Financial Safety    
✅ Good Habits          

So, what's the secret sauce? Throughout the course, we use a ton of engaging techniques to help your child absorb information -

🧚🏻  Stories                        
🤹 Skits                            
👾  Games                        
📝  Activity Sheets          
🙆  Demonstrations      
📊  Visual Explanations
💎  Easy Metaphors      

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Who is this for?

Take this money course only if -

You want your child to learn the basics of money

You believe financial literacy is a fundamental life skill

Your child's current curriculum lacks in-depth financial education

You want a fun approach that will keep your child engaged

You are looking for a high quality & flexible course

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What age group is this course for?

This course is designed for kids of ages 6-10 yrs.

What is the price of this course?

Currently, the course is FREE! Start learning today.

Are there live classes in this course?

No, this is a pre-recorded course with 14 video lessons & 200+ activity sheets

What will my child learn in this course?

The basics of money like - earning, spending, saving, banking, investing etc.

Will you send physical materials?

No, we do not send any physical materials. Everything will be accessible on our website or our app.