Financial Literacy

Comparing Money

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

This lesson is designed to help learners grasp the value of money in an enjoyable and interactive way. It kicks off with a game called "Which is Higher, Which is Lower?", where learners are challenged to identify the set of coins or notes holding higher monetary value, paving the way for understanding comparative values.

As the lesson advances, learners are guided through the process of calculating the total value of various coins and notes. By utilizing a mixture of visual prompts and active learning, students will practise adding the value of different denominations, both individually and in combination, to calculate a total amount. This approach emphasises the application of basic arithmetic in everyday life, particularly in money management.

The lesson concludes by reinforcing the understanding that dealing with money is essentially rooted in simple mathematics. It stresses the comparison of different denominations of money and their addition, reminiscent of basic mathematical operations. This session serves as an excellent introduction to the comprehension of money, its value, and how mathematics is used in real-world financial handling.

With its engaging and practical approach, this lesson ensures that learning about money becomes an interactive and memorable experience, setting the groundwork for more advanced lessons in financial literacy.

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