Financial Literacy


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Lesson Description

This comprehensive lesson provides a deep dive into the concept of 'earning money'. It starts with an engaging story about a boy to help students understand the concept of money exchange for goods or services.

The lesson then travels back in time to explain how people used to earn money by selling things they produced, such as food, shoes, and pots, thereby introducing the concept of trade.

The narrative then fast-forwards to the present day, explaining how most people earn money today through jobs. Various professions are explored through an interactive game, demonstrating how different jobs contribute to earning money in society.

Next, the lesson explores alternative ways of earning money through running businesses. It introduces students to both product-based and service-based businesses, with relatable examples and an exciting game where students run their own toy store to understand the fundamentals of a business.

Finally, the lesson takes a unique turn, focusing on how children can also earn money. Suggestions are given for children to earn an allowance from their parents by completing useful tasks, excelling in their studies, or even starting their own small business. An activity is provided for students to explore different options for earning money, encouraging them to involve their parents in the discussion.

Throughout the lesson, children learn the importance of earning money, the value of work, and the basics of business. The lesson ends with a reminder about the importance of honesty and ethics while earning money, setting a foundation for good habits as they grow up. Interactive and entertaining, this lesson makes learning about earning money fun and accessible.

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