Financial Literacy

Financial Safety

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Lesson Description

In this lesson, children are introduced to the importance of financial safety, the act of safeguarding their money and personal information from potential threats. It starts by painting a vivid picture of the hard work and patience that go into earning and saving money and the disappointment that comes when one loses this hard-earned money due to lack of financial safety awareness.

In the second part, the lesson dives into the details of common scams such as phishing, investment scams, and identity theft. It features skits and scenarios to help the children understand each type of scam in a practical and interactive way. Each example is carefully illustrated to show how fraudsters can trick individuals into sharing their personal and financial information.

The third part of the lesson focuses on safety measures and precautions. It outlines tips for keeping money safe, such as storing it in secure places and not sharing personal information with strangers. It also offers insights on how to protect oneself from scams online, over the phone, and in person. Key takeaways include checking website security protocols, verifying website URLs, asking probing questions when contacted by unfamiliar individuals, and always consulting parents before sharing information or making payments.

In the fourth part, the children participate in a "Spot the Scam!" game where they identify potential scams based on the scenarios provided. This interactive element ensures the children apply what they've learned and reinforces their understanding of the topic.

The lesson concludes with a reminder of the importance of being alert, aware, and attentive to ensure their financial safety. The students are encouraged to discuss any uncertain situations with their parents to avoid falling prey to scams. By the end of the session, the children will have gained essential knowledge about financial safety and the confidence to protect themselves against scams.

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