Financial Literacy


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Lesson Description

The lesson starts with a touching story about a boy who learns the joy of giving. This lays the foundation for the importance of 'giving', showing that aside from earning, saving, and spending money, it's also crucial to consider sharing our resources with those in need.

The next part delves into the various ways to give: money, goods, or time. The concept of a "Giving Jar" is introduced, where children can set aside a portion of their earned money for charitable causes. Also, the idea of giving away things they no longer need, like old toys and clothes, is discussed. Children are also encouraged to give their time to help others, like teaching a subject they are good at.

The lesson then progresses to talk about 'Donations'. The emphasis is on explaining that donating isn't compulsory but a choice. Children are guided on deciding what to donate, how much to donate, and who to donate to. Examples of how charitable organizations utilize the donations to make significant impacts are provided to give a sense of the potential of their contributions.

Next, the focus shifts to 'Volunteering'. The lesson stresses that giving isn't always about material things; sometimes, giving time and effort can be just as important. Various volunteering opportunities are suggested, like tutoring younger kids, helping at an old age home, or environmental cleanup. A volunteering challenge is also proposed to encourage children to take the first step in volunteering.

Finally, the lesson concludes with the discussion of 'Taxes'. The concept of tax is introduced as a mandatory form of giving that everyone partakes in. It clarifies how taxes collected by the government are utilized to provide essential services and facilities to the people.

Throughout the lesson, there are engaging activities and challenges to stimulate the children's understanding and encourage their participation. The lesson seeks to instill the value of giving in children, making them aware of the many ways they can contribute to society, and the potential benefits of these contributions.

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