Ultimate Art

Indian Madhubani

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

Geometry classes might be difficult, confusing and boring. But creating art out of geometrical patterns can be super fun! Let’s combine the two and indulge in creating some Madhubani art!

In this class, your child will learn how to create a fish in Madhubani art style. In the beginning of the class, the instructor will provide them with a brief history of Madhubani art. They will also learn about the traditional pigments that are used in this art form.  They will be taught how to draw borders using a scale. Then, they will practise drawing a circle using a bowl. They will learn how to sketch a fish, and decorate it with Madhubani patterns. As the class progresses, they will practise colouring their artwork with brush pens. They will learn how to outline their artwork using a black marker. They will complete their artwork by creating a background, and decorating it with Madhubani patterns.

Materials required

  • Square sheet of paper
  • Brush pens
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Black pen
  • Scale