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Monster Mug

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

Creating your own monster mug made out of paper sounds so exciting doesn’t it?

In this art class, children will learn how to create a mug using paper, colours and glue. They will be taught how to draw a circle neatly using a round object. They will practise marking specific measurements using a scale. They will also practise drawing a line using a scale.

The young learners will be taught how to sketch a monster using a pencil. They will also learn how to carefully cut out different shapes using scissors. They will practise drawing specific features of the monster, such as its nose and teeth. Finally, they will  glue their craftwork together to create a monster mug!

Materials required:

  • A4 size sheet of paper (any colour)
  • A small piece of white paper
  • A black marker
  • A pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Scale
  • Any round object such as a bowl
  • Colours
  • Glue
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