Ultimate Art

Painting Techniques

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

The first technique that children will be introduced to is ‘Layering’. Children will learn how to wash their brush and dry it with a cloth as they use different colours. Next, children will learn the technique of blending with white. They will understand that this technique can be used when they want to create light colours. After this, children will learn how to ‘blend with black’. This technique will be used to create dark colours.

Children will even learn how to blend two colours to create a new colour. They will understand that two primary colours can be combined to create secondary colours. Then, they will be introduced to the techniques of stippling and mark making. They will understand how to differentiate between painting, stippling and mark making. Next, they will learn about the dabbing technique. At the end of the class, the instructor will revise all the techniques that were covered, to make it easier for the learners.

Materials required

  • A box of paints (poster colours or acrylic colours)
  • Paper