Ultimate Art


Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

The children will begin the class by learning how to draw the leaf pattern. They will also learn how to add details to the leaf, using a dark green crayon. Next, they will learn how to draw a border pattern. In order to do this, they will draw diagonal lines with a tiny circle at the top. Next, they will be taught how to draw a flower petal pattern. They will complete the petal pattern by colouring it neatly with bright colours.

Then, they will learn how to draw the flower pattern. They will be taught to include artistic details such as curved lines, and leaves.

Next, they will learn how to create a diamond pattern. As they draw this pattern, the children will practice drawing diagonal  lines, vertical lines and triangles.

The children will be taught that patterns can be drawn randomly as well. To help them understand this idea, they will learn how to draw a few non-linear patterns.

Materials required

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Oil pastels