Financial Literacy


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Lesson Description

In this comprehensive and engaging lesson, the instructor guides learners through the power and importance of saving money. Starting with a relatable story, learners will understand the benefits of saving money and how it can help during unexpected situations.

The lesson moves on to the 'Why' of saving money, explaining through examples and graphical illustrations how saving can act as extra earnings and enable valuable purchases. The lesson also discusses the role of savings as a security fund for emergencies.

Next, learners will explore 'How' to save money by creating a savings plan. The concept of budgeting from the previous lesson is revisited, reinforcing the idea of distinguishing between needs and wants. An example of two children, provides a practical demonstration of setting and achieving savings goals, emphasising the need for patience, focus, and self-discipline.

Further, the instructor offers advice on where to store saved money, ranging from piggy banks to envelopes or jars marked for specific savings goals. An interactive activity encourages learners to create their own savings jars, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to their saving goals.

The lesson concludes by reminding learners that saving requires patience and self-control, but the rewards, ranging from financial security to the ability to make valuable purchases, are well worth the effort.

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