Financial Literacy

Spending Consciously

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

The lesson begins with a story about a young girl, who learns the value of money by doing chores. She realises the amount of effort required to earn money and decides to save her money for a more worthwhile purchase in the future. The story encourages kids to reflect on the value of money and the importance of spending it wisely.

Then, the lesson goes on to focus on the significance of researching before making a purchase. It involves a practical activity where children compare two similar toys, taking into consideration the price, quality, and reviews, and decide which one is a better buy. This activity helps children to understand the importance of research in making better spending decisions.

The next section discusses the influences of advertising and peer pressure on spending habits. Children are shown different ads and asked to identify the techniques used by advertisers to make their products appealing. The lesson also introduces the concept of 'peer pressure' and how it can influence their buying decisions. This part aims to make children more conscious of the external factors that could potentially sway their purchasing choices.

Finally, the lesson recapitulates the main points discussed. Children are encouraged to make a pledge to spend their money wisely, consider their needs and wants, research before buying, and be aware of the influence of ads and peer pressure. The lesson ends by instilling confidence in children that they are now equipped with important skills to make smart spending decisions in the future.

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