Ultimate Art

Sunflower Artwork

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

The children will be taught how to sketch a sunflower using their pencils. They will learn how to colour the sunflower using the blending technique. This technique helps the learner understand how two different colours can be combined to create a new colour.

As they colour, children will also apply other techniques such as heavy pressure, patterning etc. They will use a combination of dark and light colours as they apply the blending technique. They will  understand how specific colours can be used to provide detailing to their artwork. The children will also learn how to implement the ‘blending with white technique’. In addition, they will understand how the technique of light pressure can be used to create a background. They will complete their artwork by outlining their drawing.

Materials required

  • A4 size sheet of paper
  • Pencil
  • Oil pastels