Ultimate Art

Swimming Fish

Activity Sheets

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Lesson Description

How exciting would it be to create waves using coloured paper? We’ve got you covered!

In this art class, children will learn to create sea waves using blue craft paper. They will learn how to draw fish neatly, and colour them using crayons. They will also learn how to draw artistic details such as fish scales! Children will understand how to outline drawings using a black marker.

After completing this class, young learners will learn how to carefully cut paper along curved lines. They will be able to stick pieces of paper neatly using liquid glue. Soon, they will be able to create an entire school of colourful fish!

Materials required:

  • Blue craft paper
  • White paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A marker
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Crayons