Financial Literacy

What is Money?

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Lesson Description

This delightful course takes your child on a journey through the world of money! We believe that learning should be fun, and what could be more exciting than understanding the power of money in our lives? Through playful conversation, interactive games, and stunning visual graphics, this lesson explores money from the ground up.

The course starts with a warm welcome from our affable guide, Hridhik, who will spark your child's curiosity by posing questions, interacting, and ensuring they have a great time.

We will delve into understanding the basics of how money is used in our everyday life. A game of gathering random objects will teach children about buying and selling, and how everything around us has a monetary value associated with it.

Next, the course delves into understanding what money looks like and how it works. With an interactive showcase of the Indian currency, your child will start understanding that money is a tool used to exchange goods.

We then journey through the various forms money takes – coins and notes. We learn that like toys, money also comes in different sizes and shapes! We explore the Indian currency, its different denominations, and understand their value.

We end the lesson with a fun water analogy to understand the value of money. Whether it's a coin or a note, what matters is the amount it represents!

The lesson is designed to be highly engaging, encouraging your child to interact and think critically. While it may seem like they're just having fun, they're learning important concepts that will serve them well in the future.

So, why wait? Embark on this amazing learning adventure and give your child the chance to be a part of this exciting journey through the world of money.