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Multi Sensory Phonics & Art classes and Learning Games for 3-12 yr old children.
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Learn Phonics in just 20 Minutes/Day

Letter Sounds

Children learn the sounds of the letters. There are 42 letter sounds. Yes 42, Not 26!

Reading Words

Kids learn how to read words by combining or blending individual sounds together.

Writing Letters

Children are taught how to hold a pencil and how to form or write letters using a pencil.

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Learn Phonics

Over 100 Learning Games for Kids

Improve cognitive, sensory, linguistic, and moral skills through fun games and activities including activity sheets, coloring games, audio stories, flash cards, and much more!

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Master Art through Fun Activities

Learn Art Concepts

Kids get introduced to concepts like lines, shapes, colors, texture and much more!

Create Art

Every art class has fun activites so that children can learn by doing.

Develop Skills

Children can develop fine motor skills and improve skills like drawing and painting.

Get started with Phonics by downloading the Zuzu App today!
Learn Art

We also designed an Activity Book for Kids

Busy Book - A fun and engaging way to keep 3-6 yrs children active and learning

Creative activities designed to help kids learn new, essential skills — colours, numbers, time, geography, logical thinking, associations, and morals, to name a few , it helps children learn through play

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Learning outside the classroom is important as well

Academics are important but so are extra curriculars, they help the child grow into a well-rounded individual

Equip your child with skills for the 21st century

As technology takes over, interpersonal skills, creativity and critical thinking become distinguishing qualities

Happiness is not based on a single dimension

Financial security and professional success are important but one must also develop the right mindset and character to be happy