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Comprehensive Approach

Learn Doodling through fun lessons

Learn Doodling
Lines, Curves & Shapes
Simple to Follow
Household & Space Objects
Basics to Advanced
Stick Figures & Expressions
Step by Step Lessons
Patterns & Mandala


Basic Elements Pt.1
Basic Elements Pt.2
How to Doodle Objects
Objects & Expressions
Objects from Elements
Space Doodling
Stick Figures
Facial Expressions
Household Objects
School Objects
Filling Gaps

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Need a Creative Outlet for Excess Energy?

Are you looking for a positive and engaging way to channel your child who is bursting with energy?

Doodling is not just art – it's a dynamic and fun-filled activity that allows children to express themselves, stay focused, and think creatively.

Our Doodling course provides the perfect platform for your child to unleash their boundless energy in a constructive and imaginative manner.

13 Video Lessons

Each Lesson is 15-20 mins

Engaging Topics

Basic Elements, Objects, Patterns etc.

Foundational Understanding

Your child will learn

How to Create Doodles

Learn to visualize and create interesting doodles

Object Doodling

Doodles of everyday objects, space, school & more

Advanced Art

Expressions, Patterns, Mandala and more

Fine Motor Skills

Develop skills through fun drawing exercises

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About the Course

Welcome to the world of Doodling, where every line and shape sparks imagination! Our course is specially designed for young minds (5-12 yrs) to explore and enhance their creative skills beyond the classroom.

The Doodling course is ideal to -

✅ Visualize and Create Doodles
✅ Improve Creativity & Imagination
✅ Develop a Hobby
✅ Stimulate creativity and imagination
✅ Develop fine motor skills

It's simple to follow, even for beginners. We start with the basic elements, such as lines, curves, & shapes. Then, we move on to objects and expressions. Finally, we move on to patterns and advanced concepts.

This course takes a unique and engaging approach where we encourage children to learn by doing. We show step by step instructions for creating every doodle. Children can easily follow along.

What's in the course? You can check the curriculum below for the full list but here are a few topics -

✅ Lines, Curves, Shapes
✅ Objects
✅ Expressions
✅ Patterns
✅ Mandala

and much more ..

We're currently running a special offer - the course is 100% FREE this summer. That's right! You can watch it at no cost.

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Who is this for?

Take this doodling course only if -

You want your child to explore their creativity

You want your child to express freely through Art

You're looking for a course that encourages imagination

Your child loves drawing and is eager to learn new techniques

You are looking for a high quality & flexible course

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What age group is this course for?

This course is designed for kids of ages 5-12 yrs.

What is the price of this course?

Currently, the course is FREE! Start learning today.

Are there live classes in this course?

No, this is a pre-recorded course with 13 video lessons

What will my child learn in this course?

How to doodle things like objects, patterns, expressions etc.

Will you send physical materials?

No, we do not send any physical materials. Everything will be accessible on our website or our app.