A fun space for your child to discover, learn, and create

A child-centered, nurturing approach designed to spark curiosity and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

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Multi-Sensory Learning Approach

Designed for young minds, our app fosters growth in a range of developmental areas  through various formats.

Video Classes

We have short video classes ranging from 5 to 15 minutes designed to keep kids highly engaged by teaching through fun games and activities mixed with theory.

Learning Games

Every Phonics class comes with a set of learning games to help children play and practice phonics concepts like writing, identifying, and listening to letter sounds.

Activity Sheets

Classes come with Activity Sheets which can be downloaded and printed. Children can use these activity sheets to perform exercises to develop skills and practice concepts.

Phonics Helps Children Learn How to Read

Excellent phonemic awareness

Reading builds patience & concentration

Broadens vocabulary & language

Expands imagination and empathy

New Activities Added Every Week

Many categories of activities for children to help children develop their coginitive, linguistic, and sensory skills.

Activity Sheets

Hundreds of activity sheets on identification, classification, linguistic, and sensory activities

Coloring Games

Guided and freestyle coloring games that also help children learn about the world

Flash Cards

Educational flash cards to help children learn about colors, numbers, shapes etc.

Audio Stories

Soothing audio stories to help children learn about morals and develop empathy.

Art Helps Children Develop Life Skills

Builds fine motor skills

Helps kids express themselves

Encourages creativity & neural connections

Boosts confidence & self-esteem