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Sail Boat
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Ninja Star
Level 3
Talking Crow
Water Lily
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Does Your Child Lack Focus and Creativity?

In a world full of distractions, children often find it hard to focus and be creative.

This can hinder their learning process and limit their ability to develop important skills.

Our Origami course offers a fun, engaging way to have limited productive screen time and enhance your child's creativity, focus, and fine motor skills.

Through the art of paper folding, they can bring their imagination to life and develop their problem-solving skills.

20 Video Lessons

10-20 mins video lessons

Basics + Models

Start with basics and then create models

About the Course

This course takes a unique and engaging approach to help your child learn the basic 42 letter sounds which forms the foundation for everything else. The course consists of 46 video lessons, over 400 activity sheets, and 250+ digital games on our app! It's inspired by Jolly Phonics and other synthetic phonics methods.

There are over 20 hours of content. Yes, that's a lot of content! We suggest you do only 15-20 mins of learning everyday so that your child can learn effectively. This course will take you 2-3 months to complete if paced correctly.

So. what's the secret sauce? Every lesson follows a fun and engaging approach -

🦻  Sound
🧚🏻 Story
🙆 Action
🎴  Flash Card
✏️ Writing
🔤 Blending
👾 Games
✍️ Listen & Write
⭐ Revision

We're currently running a special offer - the course is 100% FREE this summer. That's right! You can watch it at no cost.

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Start learning for Free!

All courses are free. We use an ad-supported model to make it accessible to everyone.

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Foundational Understanding

What your child will learn

Make Origami

Learn the basics and create 17 Origami models

Creativity Boost

Kids play with paper to make creative expressions

Fine Motor Skills

The folding techniques improve hand eye coordination

Problem Solving

Explore different techniques to create Origami

Who is this for?

Take this origami course only if -

You want your child to learn Origami in a fun way

Your child enjoys crafting and wants to learn something new

You believe in enhancing fine motor skills and focus

You want a mix of art, science, and maths through creative play

You are looking for a high quality & flexible course

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Meet Your Learning Guide

Hi! I'm Seebhu Kapshikar. I have been teaching Art to children for the past 7 years.

I've created a practical hands-on origami course specifically for kids.

With my step-by-step instruction, your child will learn how to make different types of folds, different types of bases, and finally different origami models

Start learning for Free!

All courses are free. We use an ad-supported model to make it accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What is Origami?

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which transforms a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture.

What age group is this course for?

This course is designed for kids of ages 5-10 yrs.

What is the price of this course?

Currently, the course is FREE! Start learning today.

Are there live classes in this course?

No, this is a pre-recorded course with 20 video lessons. There are no live classes.

What will my child learn in this course?

Your child will learn how to make Origami by learning about folds, bases, and then creating models.

Will you send the activity sheets?

No, we do not send any physical materials. Everything will be accessible on our website or our app.

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