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Fun & Comprehensive Lessons

Learn Faux Calligraphy
Basic Punctuation
Beautiful Lettering
Uppercase & Lowercase
Letters & Words
Learn the Strokes
Improve Fine Motor Skills


Basic Rules
Lines & Strokes
Lowercase a to h
Lowercase i to q
Lowercase r to z
Uppercase A to H
Uppercase I to Q
Uppercase R to Z
Numbers & Words
Numbers & Punctuation
Writing Your Name

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Looking to Boost Creative Skills in your Child?

Fostering your child's creativity through calligraphy not only stimulates their mental growth but also gives them essential skills like problem-solving abilities & fine motor skills.

Our calligraphy course provides a fun solution, through creative play and thinking, to enhance your child's artistic skills and innovative thinking, through the timeless art of beautiful writing.

11 Video Lessons

Each Lesson is 15-20 mins

Activity Sheets

Most lessons have a sheet for practice

Foundational Understanding

Your child will learn

Beautiful Lettering

Learn to write letters, numbers, punctuation

Letters & Words

Basic strokes, lowercase & uppercase letters

Numbers & Punctuation

Numbers and basic punctuation

Fine Motor Skills

Develop skills through fun lettering exercises

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About the Course

This carefully crafted course is designed to introduce children aged 8-14 yrs to the elegant world of calligraphy, providing them with the skills to write letters, numbers, and words in faux calligraphy.

The Calligraphy course is ideal to -

✅ Craft Beautiful Letters
✅ Improve Penmanship
✅ Develop a Hobby
✅ Promote Artistic Expression
✅ Develop Fine Motor Skills

It's simple to follow, even for beginners. We start with the basic strokes and then we move on to letters, numbers, and punctuation. Finally, we move on to writing words.

Through engaging lessons, they will learn the various strokes used in calligraphy, master lowercase, uppercase letters, and numbers and explore the beauty of writing through this timeless art form. We show step by step instructions for creating every stroke and letter. Children can easily follow along.

What's in the course? You can check the curriculum below for the full list but here are a few topics -

✅ Strokes
✅ Letters
✅ Numbers
✅ Punctuation

and much more ..

We're currently running a special offer - the course is 100% FREE this summer. That's right! You can watch it at no cost.

Who is this for?

Take this calligraphy course only if -

You want your child to to learn the artful skill of calligraphy

You believe beautiful handwriting can boost confidence and creativity

Your child enjoys arts & crafts and is looking for a new artistic outlet

You understand that a combination of art with literature is powerful

You are looking for a high quality & flexible course

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What age group is this course for?

This course is designed for kids of ages 8-14 yrs.

What is the price of this course?

Currently, the course is FREE! Start learning today.

Are there live classes in this course?

No, this is a pre-recorded course with 11 video lessons.

What will my child learn in this course?

How to craft beautiful letters, numbers, and words through faux calligraphy.

Will you send physical materials?

No, we do not send any physical materials. Everything will be accessible on our website or our app.

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