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Watch Videos

3 Simple Steps

Pick a Course

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Do Activity Sheets

3 Simple Steps

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Play Digital Games

3 Simple Steps

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Engaging Courses

Interactive video lessons for effective learning

Ultimate Phonics

Ultimate Art

Financial Literacy

Easy Origami


Learn by Doing

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Financial Literacy

Coloring Pages



Play and Learn

Thousands of digital games to aid learning

Following Directions

Audio Stories

Flash Cards


Memory Game

A Learning Model that Works for You

High Quality Content

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Flexible Learning

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Education for All

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How can I watch the lessons?

Select a course from our home page, and then select a lesson from the course page to start learning!

Are there any live classes in the courses?

No, these are pre-recorded courses and some of them come with activity sheets & digital games.

How to access the activity sheets and games?

Download the app and head to the Play n' Learn section to access them

How to download the app?
What if I need help?

You can contact us and we will resolve your query within 24 hours

Email -

Whatsapp - +91-6281016709

Will you send any physical materials?

No, we don't send any physical materials. Everything is available digitally!

Start learning for Free!

All courses are free. We use an ad-supported model to make it accessible to everyone.

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