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Engaging Art Lessons

Learn by doing with fun art classes

Learn Art
Art Around the World
Basics of Art
Art Techniques
Advanced Art
1 Artwork per Lesson
Fun Art Creations
Express Creatively


Basics of Art
Expressive Lines
Contour Lines
Primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Warm & Cool  Colors
Tertiary Colors
Complementary  Colors
Artwork - Shapes
Artwork - W & C  Colors
Monochromatic Color
Advanced Art
Oil Pastels Techniques
Sunflower Artwork
Tiger Artwork
Pencil Colors
Pencil Color  Artwork
Water Colors
Water Color Artwork
Painting Techniques
Paint Artwork
One Point  Perspective
A1 - One Point  Perspective
A2 - One Point  Perspective
Two Point  Perspective
A1 - Two Point  Perspective
Line of Horizon
Movement &  Rhythm
Symmetry Art
Fun Art Creations
3D Umbrella
Lion Face
Finger Painting
Apple Collage
3D Hand Drawing
Paper Python
Abstract v  Realistic
Monster Mug
Swimming Fish
Paper House
Apple Basket
Hot Air Balloon
Swan Artwork
Finger Puppet  Origami
Paper Mat
Light House
Art Around the World
Egyptian  Hieroglyphics
Egyptian Papyrus
Egyptian Pyramids
Ancient Greek  Mosaic
Ancient Greek Vase
Ancient Greek  Helmet
Greek Labyrinth
Chinese Paper Fan
Chinese Paper Lamp
Japanese Koinobori  Craft
Japanese Koi Fish
Indian Madhubani
Indian Warli
Indian Chittara

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Discover the Hidden Artist in Your Child

Want your child to learn art the right way?

Traditional art classes can be expensive, inflexible, and sometimes boring.You want your kids to learn art while having fun. That's where we come in.

We inspire, educate, and engage children in the world of art and help them learn by doing!

The Ultimate Art course consists of 4 courses with a total of 74 Video Lessons.

Basics of Art Concepts

Lines, Shapes etc.

Advanced Art Concepts

Medium, Perspective etc.

Fun Artwork Creations

3D Art, Crafts, Abstract etc.

Art Around the World

Greek Vase, Chinese Lamp etc.

Learn by Doing

Your child will

Learn Art

Learn from basics to advanced art skills and techniques

Create Artworks

Gain confidence by creating over 60 pieces of art

Get Creative

Improve their creativity by iterating through the process

Express Better

Gain tools to express their creativity and artistic voice

About the Course

The Ultimate Art course is ideal for children who are interested in  developing their artistic skills, or who simply want to engage in artistic and creative activities.

Designed for children between 4-10 yrs of age.

This course takes a unique and engaging approach where we help children learn by doing. Every single class requires the child to create an art piece. Your child will learn everything from the basics to advanced art concepts and more.

There's over 12 hours of content. Yes, that's a lot of content! We suggest you do only 15-20 mins of learning everyday so that your child can learn effectively. This course will take you 3-4 months to complete if paced correctly.

What's in the course? You can check the curriculum below for the full list but here are a few topics -

✅ Lines, Shapes, & Colors
✅ Texture & Value
✅ Medium & Perspective
✅ Pattern & Contrast
✅ Emphasis & Balance
✅ Movement & Rhythm
✅ Fun Arts & Crafts Creations
✅ Art Creations from Around the World

and much more ..

We're currently running a special offer - the course is 100% FREE this summer. That's right! You can watch it at no cost.

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Take this art course only if -

You want your child to learn the concepts of Art

You want a fun and engaging approach to learning Art

You want your child to have a creative outlet of expression

You are looking for a high quality & flexible course

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Meet Your Learning Guide

Hi! I'm Seebhu Kapshikar 👋.

I have been teaching Art to children for the past 7 years.

I love teaching in a practical way by making my students create wonderful works of Art!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

What age group is this course for?

This course is designed for kids of ages 4-10 yrs.

What is the price of this course?

Currently, the course is FREE! Start learning today.

Are there live classes in this course?

No, this is a pre-recorded course with 74 video lessons.

What will my child learn in this course?

Everything from basics to advanced art is covered in this course

Will you send physical materials?

No, we do not send any physical materials. Everything will be accessible on our website or our app.